Ashley & Co Mini Bar - Vine & Paisley


Ashley & Co Mini Bar - Vine & Paisley is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Mini Bar for your Hands & Body, the perfect start and end to your day!  

This decadent hand & body cleansing bar is lightly scented with one of Ashley & Co’s distinctive scents. With goat's milk and manuka honey to stop you feeling angry and your skin irritated. A Mini Bar makes the perfect scent essential and comfort companion.


Scent Description

Up there with puppies, cashmere sweaters and a piñon camp fire this earthy mix uses notes of Vanilla, Balsam and Sandalwood to create a feeling of warmth and security. Dominant Vanilla, not candy sweet, is framed by lively hints of Citrus Mandarin Peel. A woody, oriental scent softly rounded by Sandalwood, Moss and Balsam base notes.


Made in New Zealand.

Not Tested on Animals.