Secrets of Small Gardens in NZ Book


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As sections get smaller and time gets stretched people increasingly want ideas for creating multi-functional, appealing outdoor spaces that offer options for everything from alfresco entertaining to edible gardens. This book features 20 gardens that showcase inspiring solutions to landscaping limited spaces to maximum effect. From elegant structured gardens, to whimsical retreats, verandahs and balconies, to potagers brimming with edibles and subtropical hideaways, this book offers gardeners plenty of options for creating their own special spaces. Featuring more than 300 photographs that capture the essence of the gardens, landscaping features and plants used, this is a book that is both inspiring and practical. From a 1960s gem designed by famous architect Sir Miles Warren for his inner city apartment and office, to a new rooftop garden and one planted only with edibles the book shows a diversity of responses to spatial constraints. Many gardens have water features, most don't have lawns and a couple of gardeners have created little havens on the berms outside their homes. Extended captions, pull-out boxes and bullet- point solutions with lots of tips and plant suggestions from each gardener conveys information in an accessible manner.